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Doors and windows – they keep you secure and they bring daylight into your home. Add a conservatory and you can expand your living space and seriously up the value of your property, too!

We’ve been wowing our customers with our range, choice and quality of exterior door replacements, window installation services and conservatory builds since 2002.

From panoramic aluminium bifolds and other sliding, folding windows, to stately composite external doors; traditional casements to versatile tilt and turn mechanisms; imposing conservatories to elegant flat-roofed skylights - we’ll supply it, fit it, and make it look stunning!


Call them entrance doors, front doors, house doors – whatever the parlance, they’re indispensable in getting you in, letting you out and keeping things nice and private in between. But come sunny days and barbecues, fling open those patio doors and panoramic bifolds and welcome the warmth in!

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Elegant, Georgian-style vertical sliders, traditional British casement windows, or the savvy Scandinavian-flavoured tilt and turn option – get them all from us, in styling, beading and finishes to cater for every aesthetic, and with the added benefit of modern materials that are easy to clean and won’t rot, crumble or breed a worm colony!

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It’s your living space, so have it your way! Our conservatories will bring your design ideas to life, delivering a sought-after air of distinctive individuality to your home, at a price and quality of workmanship we believe nobody else can match.

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It’s broken. And you didn’t buy it from us. So, like most door and window companies, are we going to charge you to replace the whole thing? Not if we can help it. Unlike many businesses in this sector, we’re a full service door, window and conservatory specialist - so not only do we have the skills to fix it, fix it is exactly what we’ll do (if that’s what you want!)

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Why choose us? Because ‘full service’ means what it says.

We’re all about supplying and fitting quality doors, windows and conservatories and adding value to your property.

But we go much further than that. We’ve been delivering service levels other door and window companies simply can’t every since we were founded.

We focus on quality, not quantity. We’re not interested in cranking out high-volume installations paid by the unit, then moving on to the next ‘target’. We’d rather take more time to understand your exact needs, and deliver doors, windows and conservatories that speak of trust, not just a transaction!

We fight wastage to reduce your costs. Most door and window companies’ mantra is ‘Sell ‘em something new every time.’ But we don’t buy that. We’ll recycle rare or out-of-production parts if we can, just to keep your costs down.

We’ll repair if you prefer. Whether or not you bought it from us, we’ll repair it rather than replace it if we can – from a damaged conservatory, to blown double glazing and sealed units, broken glass and guttering, or simply a lock that needs changing.

We give you longer to decide. Our quotes and estimates are valid for 90 days – three times longer than most door and window companies. We only want your buying decision if we get it by giving you ample time and advising you honestly.

There are door and window companies. And then there’s Window Pains Stroud.

Expert, experienced, ethical, Window Pains Stroud delivers a high-quality, friendly, honest service based around getting the job done beautifully at the keenest possible price – even if that means we can’t sell you everything new.

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Delivering an Honest and Friendly Service

Honest, Friendly and Experienced People With more than 15 years experience, the founders of Window Pains Stroud have been providing a high-quality, friendly and honest service. We are one of the few companies that is happy to repair, rather than replace an entire window or door, to save you money – and these ethics make us stand out from the crowd.

 Customer reviews


"We used Window Pains Stroud to repair a smashed front window and fix a dodgy hinge in our small bathroom window......"

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"I was really satisfied with the level of communication and service and also the price and quote he provided....."

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"Window Pains Stroud offer an excellent service, they are professional, trustworthy & reliable. The work was completed quickly and looks fantastic!..."

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